• FLOOR SIGN Social Distancing-Circle

Transform high-traffic floor areas into attention-grabbing ad spaces.
Material: 4mil Floor Graphics
Lamination: Non Slip Floor Lamination

Our removable Floor Graphics are ideal for interior applications on most dry, clean and untextured floors.

* Floor Decals should not be placed in the immediate area of an entry or exit. Wet / snowy conditions in these areas will make the graphic slippery and water will effect adhesive bond to the floor when exposed to these elements over long periods of time. Placing in areas of forklift or pallet jack traffic is not recommended. This type of traffic will abuse the graphic and cause premature failure.

SMOOTH VINYL FLOORS Smooth waxed vinyl tile floors are the typical floor finish for commercial/retail spaces. They wear well and are maintained easily with a wax finish. 



Cleaning Supplies:
Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) 
Trisodium Phosphate (TSP)
Masking tape
Citrus Based Adhesive & Gum Remover 
Lint free cloth
Paper towels

Application Tools:
Felt edged/ soft squeegee
Utility knife
Heat gun
Shop Rags
Stiff putty knife

All floors must be clean and dry before application.

Temperature must be acceptable and the floor should be smooth. Floor must be clean. A fresh coat of wax is OK. If not entirely clean, remove all built up debris with a putty knife. If the surface is exceptionally dirty, clean with TSP, diluted as recommended, rinse with clear water to remove all TSP. Finally rinse with IPA, 50/50 blend with water. Allow to dry before Floor Decal application.

Remove liner from graphic and position on cleaned floor. Start from the middle of the graphic with a squeegee and work to the edges, pushing air out at the edge. Overlay each stroke slightly. Use firm squeegee pressure. Work all squeegee strokes to the graphic edges. After the graphic is totally bonded to the floor re-squeegee all edges and corners to assure good bond.

FLOOR SIGN Social Distancing-Circle

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